Evidence of a Wolf in Siskiyou County

Another wolf visiting from Oregon (!). News brought to light courtesy of Wolf Haven International in Washington, a terrific rescue sanctuary, education, and captive breeding organization for wolves. Our new visitor is uncollared, and will be hard to track. If you live in Northern California, you can report sightings to help monitor and protect this lone and endangered animal.


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has collected evidence that suggests at least one wolf has traveled into Siskiyou County.

Based on compelling information received earlier this year from Californians reporting they saw a large, dark-colored canid, CDFW deployed a number of remote trail cameras within southeastern Siskiyou County.

At one location, in early May, images were captured of a large, dark-colored, lone canid, which is possibly a dispersing gray wolf. Although scat was collected in the area for genetic analysis, they yielded poor-quality DNA and results were inconclusive. Since then, no other images of a large canid have been captured at this location.

In early June, CDFW biologists came across large canid tracks on a dirt road in a separate, remote location of Siskiyou County, while searching for fawns as part of an ongoing deer study. The tracks were fresh and were from a single animal. Someā€¦

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~ by glasslajora on August 6, 2015.

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