Photo of the Day – Seattle 1

I’ve been organizing photos to upload in here. Photos of the Day has been a way to keep me blogging when I run out of words and to share one of my many passions/pursuits. And, it is going to be some good fill while we’re crunching before our convention over President’s Day weekend.

Today marks the first of a series of photographs from our trip to Seattle last summer. We took the Coast Starlight up the coast. I used to take the train to visit my dad when I was an undergrad, and it’s terrific. He kept saying that we’d really love Seattle, so I said, hey, you should show us around. My father used to spend his summers visiting his grandmother who lived on Queen Anne Hill, including the summer of the Seattle World’s Fair, but had never seen some recently opened things like the underground or the EMP museum (music and science fiction). It had been forever, so he joyously agreed, and we met my father and stepmother in Seattle for a fabulous four days. So without further ado, Seattle 1:

Fuchsia and Rain, Pioneer Square

Fuchsia and Rain, Pioneer Square


~ by glasslajora on January 31, 2013.

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