First Backpacking Food Tip

Sometimes going out into the back country requires some acclimating to elevation, and most times, the staging location or trailhead is far enough to require staying somewhere close for a night before you can head out in the morning. Whatever your style or needs are in taking time before a trip, this is a great opportunity to add some fresh meat to your menu.

This is a really nice and easy starter tip to go on my fiancé’s request for me to post my backpacking chef know-how. This is particularly good if you’re used to some camping, like car camping, or familiar with park picnic grilling. If you buy a suitably large piece of meat, you can grill it up at your temporary campsite before hitting the trail. Part of it goes to dinner, and the rest you can use on the trail.

The catch is to be able to approximate how much you’ll eat so that the meat lasts an appropriate amount of time given your climate conditions before getting funky and, well, going bad. Our example is pictured below. We got a marinated ball tip from our local deli, which comes with two hunks of meat, and grilled it at camp. We ate about 2/3 of one hunk for dinner, and the remainder made dinner meat for Day One and lunchmeat for Days Two and Three, and it was still fresh. I wouldn’t trust it beyond that with the summer heat, and make sure that the meat you take on trail is thoroughly cooked – no rare cuts!

This option lets you get some delicious fire cooked protein in your system both before your trip and for a day or two into your trip.



~ by glasslajora on January 15, 2013.

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