Long Time No Type

Once again I took a hiatus, this time partially due to illness, so there’s a legitimate excuse twice over. Besides a really noxious bout of pneumonia that struck during my masters’ graduation ceremony, I’ve taken a turn in my spondyloarthropathy which made it hard to type, sew, paint, and do any fine work at all. So very uncivilized! Spondyloarthropathies are joint diseases that affect the vertebral column but do not have a rheumatoid factor, like rheumatoid arthritis. Mine is undifferentiated spondylitis, which, without medical speak, means it hasn’t picked a particular area to target yet, so I get swelling and pain in my hands and ankles and other joints as though I were arthritic. I had a flare up that was particularly bad, and annoyingly, I was allergic to my new medicine, but my rheumatologist got me onto something a bit gentler and I even went backpacking two weeks ago! Success!

That means I have a lot of typing and posting to catch up on, and lots of photos to upload. I have even made a short list of things to put up: including:

Progress on the Genovese dress. I could not sew the coat, but the velvet dress turned out quite nicely.

A few backpacking trips I have not loaded, including this last one.


A bunch of other little surprises!

So, I leave you with a relic while I get my photos in order, a pic of my first self-made costume, a very simple Spanish soya in green. I think it was just after my high school graduation in 2002. Either way it was the year the Faire got booted out of Black Point and there was a short-lived move to Nicassio. Other than the open treeless heat, it was pretty to be by the reservoir. The fabric was a very pretty green, but totally synthetic. The cinching on it worked perfectly though. The fellas with me are my now fiancé Adam in thrown together peasant garb, and Marc, ever the samurai. The black belt is his own and well earned.

Flashback: High School Nor Cal Ren Faire trip!


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