News and Clues

First and foremost, I have finished my master’s thesis. It has been accepted and approved and I will be working on publishing some material from it shortly. I have, as my friend Jon puts it, reached the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to go more into that later. I figure if I write all my to-do posts here, I will invariably HAVE to do them and will succeed.

Second, the weather has turned to winter, our fog is rolling in and out and the sun shining through it in the morning is lovely. We took a lovely hike to the top of Mt. Tamalpais and watched the sunset as the fog rolled into the redwoods and hills below us. We’ve had a few drops of rain but not much, so this is a very lovely time of year.

Third, I have a kick-ass recipe for cock-a-leekie soup. It was my first time making it, and it was a hit. I think the prunes are key. Who said Scottish food can’t be good? The kitchen has been toasty from cooking.

Fourth, I will shortly post costume updates for my Adler pink bustle gown. The improvements were fantastic and it went over splendidly at the Dickens Fair!

The 'official' Halloween photo, from the castle ramparts.

Lastly, Halloween was a blast and my fiancé, myself, and two friends (another couple) went as the Three Musketeers + D’Artagnan. We brought our live steel and had a great time up at the castle drinking wine. We had so many photos taken of us that we felt like we should go again next year and choose another crowd pleasing winner. Our favorite idea so far (because thinking ahead is good) is to bring two more friends and be the suspects from the board game Clue (Cluedo to my non-American friends).

This has led to some humorous research on the many many iterations of the game, which is supposedly set  in 1926 in a Tudor Mansion, sometimes called Tudor Manor or sometimes Boddy Mansion/Manor after the deceased host, who has occaisionally been called Mr. or Dr. or even Sir Boddy rather than his color,as in Dr. Black. Naturally, when thinking of a new costume, image searches are key for idea gathering, so I started with trying to pull up images from the box covers. I was also trying to look for who was seen holding what weapons, so that we could bring them to the party too.

Since we’ve been playing since childhood, we’ve seen a few versions of the game go by, each with different images. The ones prior to the 1970’s are all cartoon-y, and the ones directly from the ’70’s were not of good quality, so I’m starting in the mid ’80’s:

1986 Version

1992 Version. I remember buying this one with my mother.

1998 Version


There’s been a few unique themed versions that have gone by, including one of my favorites, Hitchcock Clue, if only for the weapons:

Seagull should be plural. There were far more than just one bird!

This shot from the French Clue shows some of the other colors that have been used in later editions, video games, and expansions:

Finalement! Un jeune Colonel Moutarde!

The search went down a geeky road of hilarity when I ran across the D&D version of Clue. Yup. D&D. I include it here so you can laugh and, if you are a gamer, you will immediately recognize the characters from the Core Rulebook, now done Clue style:

It was Mialee with the vorpal sword in the wizard's tower!

Yes, character names are included to incriminate the guilty adventurers.

Now, clue has also traveled into the realm of video games, and this is one of the more recent ones, with nice clean animation, and some variation from the originals:

The suspects are now much hotter. Especially Mrs. White, who now thinks she is a super spy.

This is a CG version I found online, but I have no idea whose art it is or if its from a licensed version. No idea, and no offense meant if it's yours. It's just very cool.

And, last but not least, the character cards from the most modern board game:

Lavender looks so disaffected. This also provides options in case we get more folks, though odds are #7 would go to a Dr. Black. so we can throw the lights and kill him.

There are a couple of common threads throughout the images. For example, Scarlet is typically in a long strappy dress, showing a little skin. Though early versions set her as a blonde, she’s typically been dark haired, and in many versions, Asian. Mrs. White is usually older, buxom, and often a member of “the help.” Green has a nice sports jacket or suit, and Plum rocks glasses and, usually, a bow tie. Except for young French Mustard, Col. Mustard usually has some epic facial hair. Peacock has a lot of variation in age, shape, style, and hair, but if anyone is wearing a hat, she is – feather included.

We’ll see how our designs and ideas progress. We have agreed to keep the costumes period to the game (so circa 1926) but other than that, there hasn’t been much discussion. There’s plenty of time!




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4 Responses to “News and Clues”

  1. Lisa- loved this post. I am so thankful/ glad that we had such a great group at Dominican. It really made coming to class a pleasure when I knew that others in the class were taking the material seriously.

    The Clue theme must have been a blast. Clue was a true childhood classic.

    I will certainly check out the manga that you recommended. Now that I have had a few days to reflect on the Hunger Games I see that the Careers were somewhat vilified. It might be interesting to get a more of a fly on the wall type perspective.

    • Clue’s our hope for next year. Not sure if we will or not yet – don’t know who will be around, but we can probably make it work. Scooby Doo is also ranking high because it would be a trip through a “haunted” castle. It was really fun to pull all the clue bits together to see how it’s evolved over the years.

      And you’re welcome for the manga! I thoroughly support graphic novels. Maybe I should post on my favorites some time. I haven’t posted for ages!

  2. the cg version is from the hasbro pc game from 1998

  3. Thanks, Caleb! That’s one small mystery solved!

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