Photos of the Day – Mount Saint Helens Duo

St. Helens and Wildflowers

Rounding out the Oregon road trip 2008 series (if you’ve been following along) are two photos of Mount Saint Helens, which has been recovering in tremendous leaps from it’s famous explosion in 1980, though she’d been tempted to blow a little since then. This leads to a fine groaner:

More bluebonnets


In 2005 there were some fine shimmies and a minor eruption, the plume of which could be seen in Seattle. Coincidentally we were having some fine shimmies off our oh so beloved San Andreas fault. My father had some words about how cool it was to see activity on the mountain and how horrible it must be for some of our earthquakes. My response:

“Oh come on! San Andreas rocks! Mt. St. Helens blows!”

He told me to make t-shirts.


~ by glasslajora on August 24, 2011.

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