The list grows

Naturally, I’ve been chatting about my previous Transformers post with my fiancé, and he is all full of suggestions – little things – that could have made the movie better. I pointed out to him that I thought the few changes could bring it up, say, from the 1 star review Ebert gave it to maybe a solid 3 star action flick. In his opinion, they started with a 4 star pitch and just went downhill from there. He did have a few notable ideas, and I particularly like this one:

Turn Dempsey’s Crowning Moment of Evil into a Crowning Moment of Redemption. He inherited (from his father) a relationship to serve the Decepticons. It doesn’t bode well for him, and he is all about survival. He’s escaping his past but fails and stays evil. He buys into it and becomes a human slave. But then he doubts his safety. Use this.

He’s not the only one “escaping the past.” Sentinel made a deal with the devil (so to speak) and has to live with it’s ramifications. Optimus is shadowed by how Sentinel was their leader before him. Megatron is still convinced that the only way to survive is by resurrecting their long dead planet (which Sentinel goes in for). Sam is stuck having saved the world with no recognition in the present and can’t leave the past he shared with Mikaela behind. Everyone is stuck in the past.

Dear god, we might have a theme to this movie?

So in my fiancé’s thoughts, if Dylan rushes to the pillar (which he does) and has a moment of redemption instead of a moment of blind evilness in a single minded quest to survive, you might somehow actually tie the movie’s theme together, shaving minutes off the climax while giving it some redeeming quality (no pun intended) in the process.

I feel blessed having seen this in the drive-in when we could poke at it aloud in the comforts of our own car. Also, it was a double feature after Captain America, and that was good.


~ by glasslajora on July 30, 2011.

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