Delicious drops of sunshine

This is late coming up, but it’s okay! You’re not really missing anything in the current state of my limoncello as it is sitting placidly in a wine cooler in two beautiful bottles, ready to be drunk.

Okay, so I guess that means you missed them getting to this stage of readiness, which I could not write about for sometime with the end of the school year and my tonsillectomy. Nonetheless, limoncello has arrived, and I have a few pictures to share for it.

When we last left off, I had separated the limoncello into two bottles from the one, and filled the remainder with simple syrup. This was left sitting for a very, very long time. After 60+ days (I lost track, but 60 is your minimum!) I needed to strain all of the lemon zest out of the limoncello and rebottle the sunshine-like elixir for proper consumption.

I obtained two glass bottles with mason jar style hinge lids. I was hoping for some small ones as well (like one my fiancé and I split after dinner in Sant Agnello) but they are being elusive for a decent price. I want small bottles so I can share it with friends because, well, it tastes damn good!

I used a blender to hold up a individual drip coffee filter with a filter paper in it. I poured the limoncello through the filter into the blender pitcher, rinsed out the bottle, and used a funnel to return the limoncello back into the bottle.

The set up!

Stirring the limoncello helped it filter through, I found a chopstick worked best so as not to cut the fragile paper.

Inventive use of chopsticks.

In the end, you’re left with zest. Unlike making soup stock, resist the urge to squeeze out the zest! All the tannic and bitter flavors will come out! No!

The leftover zest in the filter. Almost done!

The finished product. It’s delicious. Send me a tiny bottle and I’ll give you a taste.



~ by glasslajora on July 14, 2011.

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