A finished product

Now that I’m (mostly) recovered from my tonsillectomy (cough cough HACK), I’ll be posting a few things before we go backpacking in Yosemite. Up first, me all dolled up in the medieval dress I’ve been working on. The picture was taken at the Castello d’Amorosa lake.

My medieval venetian gown. But I forgot to wear the jewelry!

On our way home we finally got the mind to stop at this artesian well off the side of the highway between Lake County and Calistoga. It was, quite seriously, some of the absolute best water I have tasted in my life. It’s from the same underground sources as Calistoga bottled water, but nothing compares to the taste of drinking it cold and clear right from the source. We have routinely seen people stop with multi-gallon jugs to bottle and take home to parts unknown. It is on a continual pump, so just stick a bottle under the spout (or hands, head, feet) to enjoy the refreshment. It’s more on the Lake than the Napa side of the mountain, and easy to miss, but it’s well worth it to turn around for.

It also has a marker in the form of a littering sign:

Artesian well, southbound side of HWY 29 between Calistoga and Middletown.


~ by glasslajora on July 11, 2011.

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