Photo of the Day: A Tree Grows in Yellowstone

Spring Break is over, Easter is gone, and it’s back to the grindstone (in all regards). It’s a little uncertain, and in just about everything I’m going “Whoa. What was I doing here again? Where was I? What’s going on?”

In honor of that is today’s photo of a little tree somehow surviving in a really bad location. It’s like a motivational poster for perseverance. I liked this little tree. The tree is in Yellowstone National Park and is in the middle of a mud pit/geyser field. The ground is hellishly hot and the pH is bonkers. For all I know, this little tree is really a hundred years old and is a stunted bonsai of what its true potential was. For the true potential, look in the background to see the same species growing on real soil. But the little tree’s got some spunk to try living out in the mud. Or maybe the mud moved to surround the little guy, now lost and confused, cut off from the other trees. You never know, but you gotta admire the tree for making it that far nonetheless.

Sometimes I feel like this tree.


~ by glasslajora on April 25, 2011.

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