Photo of the Day: Peek-a-boo

These little guys (lemurs) live at the same place as the emu- a wildlife safari park in Winston Oregon. The park is one that you drive though on roads to see the animals, so the animals get to roam free-range unlike in zoos. According to my dad, who lives in Portland, the Portland zoo regularly ships their elephants down to the safari park to get time to run free. The ones that live there, however, need to be led on day hikes from one side of the park to the other since all of their food, shelter, and water is in one location – they don’t graze like the other herd animals. A few of the safari parks participate in animal rescue, some are better than others, but the concept is a welcome alternative to traditional zoos for many of the animals… and they provide some great places to practice wildlife photography.



~ by glasslajora on April 13, 2011.

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