Made a small acquisition as an add on for my new iPhone case… I will edit the post to let you know how it brews.

And this is how it brewed:

First, the beans: it appears to be a blend of two beans, one is lighter and has a spicier side and one is a darker roast with more oil to it (closer to an Italian style roast).

After home grinding, I used a paper filter to single cup drip drip my Dark Side Roast in two cups. The first run did not have quite the right body, and I ran it through a second time. The second cup I added a little more grounds to and got a good flavor right away.

When it cooled enough to drink, I was pleasantly surprised. It cost $5.00. I wasn’t expecting Blue Bottle here. But the flavor is decently balanced with some good spicy notes and a sweeter aftertaste. The bitterness and acidity stays on the tongue only a short while, which is much better than Starbuck’s Pike Place roast IMHO. So better that your 7-11 and motel coffee by high margins, and comparable to special roasts at neighborhood coffee shops. It is, however, a particular taste. Not my favorite taste for coffee, and it might not be yours either, but it is a good coffee, and, if you are a Star Wars Nerd like I am, it’s worth trying for more than just a laugh. I will see if I can look up who did the roasting; I didn’t recognize their name.

Preferred by Sith Lords everywhere.


~ by glasslajora on March 29, 2011.

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