Photo of the… month.

I know. Lame posting!

A small series off of Sir Francis Drake Road just past Samuel P. Taylor. The clouds are wonderful for lighting play.

View from Olema

View of North and South Beaches from Pt. Reyes. If you look closely, there is snow on the Sonoma Hills in the background.

Pt Reyes Beaches II

I love the tree, which I could photo edit to bring out more, but what I was really after is in the next shot...

The view! Framed!

And the goal of the long staircase- the lighthouse!

The inner workings of the lighthouse- shutters and lenses

But I took all these – believe it or not – on my iPhone. I forgot my camera. Just as lame, I know, but it goes to show what even this technology can do.


~ by glasslajora on March 26, 2011.

One Response to “Photo of the… month.”

  1. glad to see a fresh post. you are quite the photographer. I am partial to all photos about lighthouses. Such a pretty area to spend time in. I really enjoy driving out that way on warm days with the windows down and the old school hip hock blaring.

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