L'hospital des invalides - perhaps the first instance of "renaissance" architecture.

Our hostel's pool mood lighting gives a sense of the hostel.

The Duomo! Reminds me of a pretty victorian house thanks to the Italianate houses in SF.

Baptistry Across from the Duomo. It's just as ornate... and just as copied off of the patterns in Pisa.

The Work on the baptistry doors is quite famous, but the main ones are replicas. The equally impressive but not so famous ones to the side are original. Here see the tarnish - and dirt- over the ages.

The one remainder of Rome in Firenze - this column in the middle of what was once the forum. There's nothing else. Firenze was sacked repeatedly and rose phoenix-like in the Renaissance.

Madonnaro - a street painter. One of few I actually spotted. None were very good in the scheme of things, but I had to put it in perspective for having participated in world class festivals. Keep practicing, gentlemen.

Why am I the guinea pig for rubbing lucky objects? Notice - this "piglet" is drooling, he's a fountain!

X marks the spot: Firenze citizens would hang their tax evaders from a rope and watch them hit the X as they fall crashing to the ground. During the Renaissance. I much prefer the Venetian style of justice.

The Medici made sure there was plenty of dramatic statuary around town to impress people with. Perseus here.

Though by modern graffiti Darth Vader is more imposing.

The Medici like it big. I'm only having a little fun with perspective. Like most things at the Pitti Palace, this tub thing is huge.


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