Mac Gadget

So now I’m gearing up for our trip to bella Italia, and gathering up all the little travel goodies one needs for an epic three week trip and realized that the only electronic equipment I would take is all “Designed by Apple, in California.” My cell: iPhone. My fiancé’s musical listening device: iPod touch. My laptop: MacBook Pro. Hmm…

Then I realized that the power plug for my laptop- that little white box that the cord wraps around- is actually an adapter. The thing is good from 100-240 Volts and 50-60 Hz. That means it can handle the 220 volts of continental Europe as much as the 110 here. Now, if you already know this, bear with me. I sure didn’t and think this is a wonderful discovery for anyone who does travel, and other’s may not know about it: Apple’s got you covered for international travel with a nice little kit that exchanges your plug on the little white box.

If you have a Mac, take a look at your little white box. It’s correctly called a Power Adapter, and the newer ones in the past couple of years have a “MagSafe” plug- the power cord slides out of the adapter and is held by a magnet/locking system. I always wondered why exactly this was. Ecce! The answer: Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit. Just replace your plug with any one of the plugs in the kit for international travel. The kit also comes with a USB adapter for the little gadgets that get charged via USB, like iPods, iPads, and iPhones. The kit has the UK/HK/Singapore, AUS/NZ, China, N. America/Japan, Continental Europe, and Korea plugs in it.

So unless you’re going somewhere really ambitious, you’ve got some fairly good coverage with the kit. It beats one of those universal adapters with all the slides and buttons from Brookstone, that’s for sure. YOu know- those bulky adapter/converter things with a gazillion plug holes and no instructions whatsoever. Like this thing. For a Macphile, this is a great alternative, and has my electronic needs covered. I’m not a hairdryer kind of gal.

On that note, if you need a hairdryer, ladies, just buy one at your destination and save the weight and cost of the plug adapters. It’s not worth it. Priorities, please.


~ by glasslajora on June 28, 2010.

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