All in and Cocoa

I’m proud to announce that as of yesterday I finally have all of my semester work and the 2nd TPA submitted!

Woo hoo!

Today I’ll be going over curriculum at SRHS, but first, a hot chocolate at Peet’s. I used to get these all the time working in the City. Often these days I’m only drinking coffee or tea, but I really enjoy a good cocoa and have tried to have one at various spots.

Peet’s cocoa is undeniably better than Starbucks, in my humble opinion, and is made from yummy Scharfenberger chocolate from Berkeley, but Seattle’s Best takes the cake for a mainstream coffee joint. Like Peets, their whipped cream is fresh made each day, and they use good quality milk- but always whole and with three different types of chocolate. It’s thick and rich in a way that Peet’s can’t reach, though Peet’s is more refined.

Perhaps my favorites though come from a little shop in Santa Cruz called Chocolat. They serve five or so different kinds of hot chocolate, each with a lovely girl’s name. Bianca is a white chocolate treat, and Sophia has a little spice. For the connoisseur, a little specialty place that focuses on the subtleties rather than overload a la Seattle’s Best is the way to go. They also have good quiche – but don’t tell that to my belly!

Getting a chocolate is always a treat, but not one that should be constrained to winter weather. After all, it’s a drink that goes back 2,000 years to the Maya (even before the Aztecs made it part of their culture). Also, even though we in America often exchange cocoa and chocolate as I’ve been doing here, if you go abroad there is a distinction: cocoa is made from powder, usually with the butter and extra yumminess removed, and chocolate from the finished bar, melted, with all the extra cream and sugar and what have you. It is often a denser, thickened product overseas too.

The number one source for antioxidants in the American diet is coffee. Break the trend; have a chocolate!


~ by glasslajora on June 8, 2010.

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  1. TPA 2, that reminds me. Yukkers.

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