More Yosemite Photographs

Basket Dome Reflected in Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is a seasonal lake created by a pooling of water in the Tenaya Creek, one of the many creeks that flow into Yosemite Valley. It will, one day at least, become simply a meadow. In the meantime, the flooding and draining is a part of it’s natural cycle. From the right positions, many landmarks (like Half and Basket Domes) are reflected in it’s perfectly still waters. Meanwhile, there’s an interesting landmark that many do not often catch just behind the viewpoint at the Lake: up a stone staircase one can find a veritable city of cairns, balanced stones used as trail markers. The ground is terraced, and the little towers, arches, pods, and careful exercises in balance- much like stone houses of cards- decorate the ground like an otherworldly shrine.

Cairn City, Mirror Lake

This next one is the same view as one of my winter photos from December. Almost the same spot (I could actually go out onto a log to get this one) but very different with the change of season.

Valley View in Spring

And now for those of us who enjoy the “splash zone” at Marine World or Sea World, take a trip up to Bridalveil Falls. Bring a poncho, or enjoy the cold water on a hot afternoon. This is taken from a granite “viewpoint” that consists of a broad flat spot directly in the mist of the Falls. Prepare to be soaked to the bone.

Bridalveil Falls

And here, a parting view from the River of Mercy on a bend through Leidig Meadow:

Merced River and Yosemite Falls


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