Photo of the Day

Humboldt, 55 mph

This was taken up in Humboldt County, driving through the redwoods. If you look out the window while you drive in a car, your eye tends to linger on an object and follow it as it goes by. I suppose it helps us from getting all dizzy. But, if you just look and see the scenery fly by, it gives a much different perspective on the landscape. In photography, the same thing happens. Usually you focus one one thing, and the photo is, literally, a snapshot of a single moment. If something moves in a longer exposure, it gets all blurry, and usually people taking pictures don’t want that. We have high speed shutters for a reason!

But, sometimes we like to take it slow, like the softness running water gets over a long exposure: fuzzy water looks calming, and majestic- the opposite than if you sped up the shot to capture the wild flying drops of a torrent. Long exposures give new depth, show longer movements over time that are magical- like images of the lights from cars forming streaks in a city street at night. Its cool, it’s magical. Subtle movement too can be captured in figures and gestures, and then we like it. It ceases from being an oops, needing a retake, and art.

Driving through the redwoods I was caught by the movement of the trees, the speed of the car, the light subtly filtering down the canopy. We stopped to take photographs, but it just wasn’t hacking it that day. There was a nice breeze, it was sunny, we played in the Smith river earlier that day, and headed south. I just could not set up where I wanted to, show what I wanted to, or capture any of that summertime feeling. My shots sucked. So I decided to change directions and do something fun.

I decided that I wanted something more impressionistic. I wanted to capture the light and color and breeze and travel, so we hopped back in the car, I leaned out the window, and started shooting till I found the right settings for the movement I wanted and the right clump of trees with the light I wanted. I actually made my fiancé drive through this one section a second time so I could take the picture I wanted because I had missed it.

So this is Humboldt, 55mph. It’s an impressionism piece. Who said photography has to be photorealistic?


~ by glasslajora on May 5, 2010.

One Response to “Photo of the Day”

  1. Once again your photography skills present themselves. This is a very cool photo. I like how the road and the trees all lead to a vanishing point at the bend in the road. The shadows give you a feel of what Humboldt county is like.

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