From curriculum class tonight

Quia survey quiz:

You unfortunately have to subscribe to quia, which you can use for a variety of assessments. You could use something like survey monkey instead. Feel free to take my quiz to see what the program is like:

You can also access it (and my daily life power point that goes with it) at my Rome Unit Google site:

The “Roman Scrapbook” was an idea found online and not what was used in the final unit.

As for the coins, a great resource for identifying coins is a site called Dirty Old Coins. If you click on the name of an Emperor, you can see pictures and read the brief coin descriptions about nearly every known minting during their reign. Another option besides buying real coins is to do the same research but without the cleaning using replica coin sets that you keep and reuse. However, purchasing coins is a cool investment, even if to have as a single example of archaeological techniques and getting to hold a piece of history.

We bought our coins from Cerberus Ancient Coins, a company based Down Under, namely these coins found in Syria. Many coins are found in troves or lots, large ones, gold, and silver, are removed for cleaning by experts. What’s remaining are your “small change” coins- Roman pennies and nickles, really. A magnifying glass helps! Uncleaned coins are grouped by how well they show detail, denoting how hard or easy they may be to clean, or their real value today. Uncleaned ones can just as well be “diamonds in the rough.” Desert patina coins, like from Syria, are fairly easy to clean in comparison to gunk from other climates.

I started that lesson actually by showing one of our own coins- they are all modeled off of Roman styles and contain similar imagery and meaning.


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