Slow News Day? Turn to Discipline!

With the remains of the President of Poland arriving home again yesterday, riots in Thailand, and elections in Sudan, one might otherwise think it was a slow news day on CNN if you saw, or clicked on a simple video of a girl suspended from her prom for wearing a dress that didn’t meet dress code standards. If you could, please watch this video, which, as far as I can tell, is the original news video from a Fox station in Alabama where the girl lives. If she seems flighty in the first half of the video (“What cleavage?”) she redeems herself in the second half: “If we’re going to act up, give us another option than the paddle because this is not the 1940’s.”


~ by glasslajora on April 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Slow News Day? Turn to Discipline!”

  1. Did I understand correctly that she attended a public high school? Is corporal punishment still allowed in the public school system in Alabama?
    I understand the need to consistently enforce policies and rules however for something like wearing a showy dress I don’t think either punishment- 3 days suspension or paddling fits the crime.

  2. Yes, she is in a public school. The Supreme Court had ruled (I forget the year) that schools have the right to use corporal punishment, supercedeing even the wishes or opinions of parents, rationale that it does not constitute abuse, it must be the final last resort option when other consequences have failed, and follow specific procedures and documentation. After that it became up to states whether or not to allow it. About half still do, so it’s not like Alabama is an isolated case.

    I would say that you’re right about paddling not fitting the crime and is inappropriate, but I also think that for the rest of the code breakers, the paddling amounts to them as nothing more than the proverbial “slap on the wrist” that lets them get away with it. Why does only ONE choose suspension? o_O

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