Photo of the Day… Um… Previous Week

Crater Lake, Summer Snow Remnants

This was taken on a summer Road Trip in 2008. The entire Northwest was inundated with snow, so much and so late in the season, that the snowmelt that summer (not spring) led to unseasonable and dangerous water levels and currents in Oregon’s rivers. We camped at Crater Lake and our campsite, even in July, was surrounded by two to three feet of snow. The snow kept us from taking the hike we wanted, but it did leave lovely tiger stripes across Wizard Island. Tip for budding photographers: wake up early. The air is clearer then, and if you are near water, the reflection in this shot on the stillness of the water would be impossible in the afternoon. That part just comes from being a water skier: lakes are like glass in the morning, a wake boarder’s paradise around lunch, and a tuber’s heaven before dinner.


~ by glasslajora on April 8, 2010.

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