OMG Smartboards!

Our school successfully raised enough money at our auction on Saturday to put a Smartboard in every classroom, and training. Huzzah!

Lo and behold I get a crash course right now. We’re having a Smartboard inclined visitor on Thursday- when I’m teaching, naturally- so I’m updating my lesson plan to use the new tech, got the software on my laptop and everything. Yeee!!! I’ll tell y’all how it goes, I promise.


~ by glasslajora on March 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “OMG Smartboards!”

  1. I would be interested in finding out more about smart boards. I can honestly say that I don’t know what a smart board is. How does one go about using a smart board?

  2. A smart board is a digital touch screen white board. You can manipulate objects, drag them around, write on things, sync it up with an elmo unit or digital camera, and save what goes up on it, even over time as a video. There’s all sorts of cool tools. It’s awesome for activities. This is more of a lower grade example video, but it’ll show you what it is:

    Okay it won’t let me hyperlink in comments. I’ll post it.

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