Admit It

Try answering this one. When I go to the restroom, I:

A. Sit and stare at the stall door, and read the label on the side of the toilet paper dispenser.

B. Bring reading, like a newspaper.

C. Bring my cell phone and text or Facebook.

So. I admit it. I bring my iPhone and check for updates. There’s precious seconds on the throne when you aren’t doing anything else. The kids do it at school, we know this and catch them texting to each other from the stalls. Occasionally they make it easy and forget their phones there. But with a smart phone… the possibilities are endless.

Contemplate those times when you have a minute or two on your own. The stalls are private. (We hope.) It’s quieter in there. There’s a precious moment of solitude that’s inviting. There’s a very good set of reasons why toilets are so well developed in Japan. I give you the super toilet: three bidet settings, two flushes, heated seats, music, and sound effects to cover other noises that… um… might be present. Some will even talk to you. And here in the West, bathroom reading is such a time honored tradition that you can even find bathroom “readers” full of short tidbits that can be consumed, Twitter style, in a few brief seconds or minutes for longer spells on the porcelain.

But I do not have the marvels of ToTo, I have my iPhone. And my iPhone has Sherlock Holmes. So I take Holmes to the restroom. It’s a whole lot less conspicuous than an actual book, and it always scrolls and keeps my place. I read a paragraph. Or two. Later, some more. Then back it goes into the pocket and I’m back on track. It’s very different from my manic nature of reading in fits and bursts, staying up all night to finish novels. Leave that for summer or winter breaks. Now I’m on the go, need a pause, and get it where I can. I’ve finished a few stories this way. It’s not bad. Different, but not bad at all and keeps me going on the boring and the annoying and the frustrating days.

So yes, A, B, and C, and I take Mr. Holmes with me.


~ by glasslajora on March 17, 2010.

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