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When you read different texts, for different purposes, how does your reading change? How do you read different texts in different ways and why?

If I read articles or texts I often try to do a close reading and try to figure out the author’s perspective or bias. I’ll read magazine articles with greater celerity than text books, pulling out the key points- though I usually go back to read them a second time with those points in mind. I want to see what it’s all about first- and articles are short enough to get a good gist first. Often, I’ll get hung up on fallacious arguments in perspective and opinion pieces, and use them to both analyze the author’s argument alongside their perspective. I can’t help it; I detest poor logic. Heavy texts I usually need to spend more time on, and in quiet. I think it depends on the density of the text and the style of the authors. Sometimes, I get caught up in the details. So, I think for non-fiction, I’m there for the information and am just in a mode that pushes me to think critically about it and where it’s coming from.

Most novels and stories I get sucked into them. I usually read in bursts. I read till I finish, and am consumed. All other thoughts are held till the cover is shut. I also prefer a quiet place or time to read. It’s not that I can’t read with noise around, it’s just that I don’t want to miss anything, I just want to submerge myself in it and enjoy the ride. I put the critic on the back burner and see the broader picture. I like doing that, I think that way. If I read non-fictional pieces, I do that after the fact and take time to ponder what I read. For fiction, I let it sink itself in. Having critiqued writing for a living (the joys of being an editor) I persevere on doing the opposite in daily life.


~ by glasslajora on March 1, 2010.

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