Photo of the Day

Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho, with Rainbow

Settings: f/4, speed 1/1250, ISO 51, focal length 7.3 mm. For a time, my paternal grandfather and my step-grandma lived near Twin Falls in Burley, Idaho. Twin Falls is named not for this beautiful falls- Shoshone Falls, dubbed the Niagara of the West- but another set of falls downstream. The Falls are actually taller than Niagara and have a similar flow of water.  I was lucky to visit them with the sun at the perfect angle to make a most righteous rainbow. Lest it be taken as a simple place, these falls are really one of many that line the Snake River Gorge in Idaho, which eventually flows to the Columbia. The gorge itself was not carved by the river but by a great prehistoric flood. Lake Bonneville- which covered most of the country’s Great Basin in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho- covered an area the size of Lake Michigan only deeper. About 14,000 years ago, the lake level got so high that it breached a mountain pass, spilling over the mountains with cataclysmic force. The flood lasted for weeks and water peaked at a flow rate of 33,000,000 cubic feet per second. The Snake River Gorge was carved in days, and that’s the not so humble origin of Shoshone Falls.


~ by glasslajora on February 27, 2010.

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