Silly Me!

Today I read “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” from The Return of Sherlock Holmes in my digital copy. This was sort of a mistake, I learned, when, as a narrator,  Watson has included key cryptic drawings that are integral to the case. The written world alone does not suffice! Doyle does us a turn by leaving Watson at a loss of words and gives the reader the puzzle as presented to him by Holmes. It dawned on me at about the same time it dawns on Holmes that the cryptic drawings are indeed a cryptogram- a cipher or code- so I didn’t really need the images, but I missed out on being able to solve it. In short, I missed out on my chance to be in on it with Holmes and was instead left in the dark like Watson. I’ll have to see if the images of the cryptograms are in my hard copy. We do an interdisciplinary class and have done cryptograms and code breaking before. When I found the proportional reasoning problem that is in “The Musgrave Ritual” I sent it to the  math teachers, who asked for  it as a good word problem. Maybe something similar could be done with the cryptography.


~ by glasslajora on February 25, 2010.

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